4 Of The Best Breakfast Options For a Staff Meeting

Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but far too many people go without, reaching for a coffee in the morning instead. Skipping breakfast can throw your entire day off by making it harder to focus and remember. 

However, many studies have shown that morning meetings work well because they don’t interrupt the day, with people being the most alert first thing in the morning. So, it makes sense to combine the two, creating breakfast meetings. Fuel yourself and your staff for the day ahead and ensure that the working day will be productive. Therefore, the Fresh N Funky team have put together a list of the 4 best breakfast options for your team. 


The perfect quick, easy and convenient office breakfast. We can guarantee that a selection of mini Danish pastries, croissants and chocolate muffins will go down a treat. The food you choose should always be relatively simple so that it doesn’t get in the way while employees are collaborating. You can trust that a continental breakfast won’t just be favoured by the majority but it won’t distract from the job at hand.

Hot rolls

Bacon and sausage rolls work brilliantly in work meetings. Your staff can pick up their roll, take a seat and get straight on with the meeting. It isn’t messy or obstructive, you don’t need to have room on a table for a buffet, it really is incredibly simple. We are sure that everyone will be more than happy with this option too. 

Healthy option 

If serving healthy food for breakfast is part of the company wellness program or part of your personal philosophy, you can still pull it off while making your employees happy. Having a fresh fruit platter, fruit yoghurts, cereals and granola bars will ensure that everyone gets a substantial healthy breakfast. It also offers a good variety so people can choose exactly what they would like. 


Looking for something else savoury? A breakfast bagel is definitely a hearty and satisfying way to start out the day. Choosing between smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels or ham and cheese bagels is a good decision to have to make in the morning. It is another easy option with no mess involved. You can also rely on a bagel to leave you feeling full until lunchtime. 

Do you want to organise corporate breakfast meetings? 

If you are looking to hold corporate breakfast meetings within your organisation, the Fresh N Funky team would be more than happy to help you. We can supply you with all of the above delicacies, along with a range of drink options to ensure you have everything you need for your meeting. All of the food we serve has been sourced from local suppliers and we ensure that it is of a high standard, palatable and tasty; just as you’d expect from one of the best catering companies in London.

Arranging private catering services for your breakfast meetings couldn’t be easier. Simply contact a member of our experienced team and place your order. If you require assistance with any other corporate catering, whether it is a lunch meeting or maybe even a corporate party then this is something that we can assist you with. 

Posted October 8, 2019 by FreshNFunky.