Event Catering Services Twickenham

Event catering can be an extremely stressful process for many, even for some of the most qualified chefs in the industry. We are a London based company that provides a reliable and delicious range of catering services in London and Twickenham.

When you require support with catering for any kind of event; whether it’s for an office lunch, corporate function, production shoot, wedding, birthday celebration or corporate occasion, then we will be able to help. Our team are dynamic and highly experienced in the process of catering, and will commit their time to ensure your event’s catering is delicious and neatly prepared for your guests to enjoy.

When you require event catering services in Twickenham, look no further than our team here at Fresh N Funky. In the last year alone, we catered for over 650 events. We have the team to deal with any kind of event, and have the experience to know what will best manage your event’s food.

For hosts of an event, it can be extremely difficult to juggle between ensuring the food is out and presented for your guests, as well as hosting effectively by interacting with everyone attending. You can’t do this alone, so let us take some responsibility with the management and services of your food.

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