Delivery info

We deliver all over London and the surrounding areas. Minimum order for delivery is £50.00 excl VAT.

Next day lunch orders must be placed by 2pm the day before and confirmed by our office (subject to availability). All other orders must be placed at least 3 days before delivery is required.

Please note that any orders placed within 3 days of a delivery date may be subject to an additional change. An alternative menu may also need to replace your particular choice on some occasions.

Standard delivery times are Mon to Fri, 8am – 5pm. For delivery to areas outside of London or outside of normal hours including weekends please contact us for more information.

Delivery charges LONDON

Zone 1 (Orange) £50.00 Delivery
Zone 2 (Dark Blue) £50.00 Delivery
Zone 3 (Grey) £50.00 Delivery
Zone 4 (Brown) £60.00 Delivery
Zone 5 (Sky Blue) £60.00 Delivery

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Delivery charges LONDON

Zone 1 (Orange) 10.00 Delivery
Zone 2 (Dark Blue) 20.00 Delivery
Zone 3 (Grey) 25.00 Delivery
Zone 4 (Brown) 30.00 Delivery
Zone 5 (Sky Blue) 40.00 Delivery