Exploring 5 Unique Dining Options for Your Next Party

The food we serve at our parties can make or break them, and who doesn’t want their guests to leave with satisfied taste buds? Whether it’s a birthday party, an engagement celebration, or a baby shower, serving up dishes that our guests will genuinely enjoy is a top priority for anyone hosting a party. While you may have some ideas about what style of dining to offer, navigating the variety of different options available can feel like a challenge.

From afternoon tea, to buffet food, to canapes, to formal dining; there are many options to choose from for the type of dining for your next party. Today, our team at Fresh N Funky is here to simplify the decision-making process by introducing you to five distinct dining options that can elevate your next party. So, if you’re looking for inspiration and eager to discover the ideal catering choice for your event, keep reading.

Buffet Style

Buffets are a great option for parties, offering guests the opportunity to serve themselves from a variety of dishes. Various types of food can be arranged on tables at your party, allowing your guests to take advantage of all the options available and choose what they want. Buffets are a great option as they provide a great level of flexibility of choice, allowing your guests to try out a diverse range of foods to suit their tastes and preferences. They’re great for events with larger guest lists, as they encourage socialising and mingling whilst offering something for everyone to enjoy.

Formal Dining

Formal dining is a fantastic way to elevate the dining experience at your event, providing your guests with plated meals that are served to each seated guest at their table. This allows your guests to socialise, relax, and enjoy their food at a leisurely pace. Formal dining takes the stress of choosing what to have out of your guests hands, and lets them just enjoy the amazing food that they’re served. Formal dining is brilliant for special occasions that demand a touch of luxury, and will certainly make your guests remember the food served.

Canapes and Bowl Food

Canapes and bowl food offer a modern and versatile approach to party catering, combining small, handheld bites with heartier, bowl-based dishes. This allows your guests to enjoy smaller dishes and sized snacks, whilst spending time with each other and enjoying your event. This kind of dining is perfect for cocktail receptions and networking events, allowing your guests to socialise while enjoying bite-sized delicacies. Canapes and bowl food are an option that provides your guests with flexibility and variety, accommodating both grazing and seated dining preferences. 

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea offers a charming dining experience for your next party that your guests will be bound to love. Your guests can have the opportunity to indulge in a spread of foods like finger sandwiches, pastries, and sweets. Afternoon tea is ideal for day-time parties, such as birthday celebrations, family parties, and celebrations like baby showers. It is an option that many guests will appreciate, and fosters conversation and connection making it a great choice for intimate gatherings and social occasions. 


Barbecue adds a casual and festive touch to any event with its outdoor grilling and laid-back atmosphere. This option is perfect for summer parties, family gatherings, and outdoor weddings, where your guests can enjoy the smoky flavours of grilled meats and savoury accompaniments. Your guests can mingle around the grill, soaking up the sunshine and enjoying the irresistible aromas of barbecued fare. Barbecues create a relaxed atmosphere that encourages guests to kick back, and enjoy good food and company in a casual setting.

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