Five Tips for Planning Catering at a Christmas Party

Planning a successful Christmas party can be a delightful but challenging task and one thing that can make or break your event is the catering. Good food and drinks are essential to make sure your guests have a wonderful time. If you are thinking about catering for an event you have planned in London for Christmas then let Fresh N Funky help you to deliver a memorable evening. We have lots of experience in catering events of all sizes, from small office parties to huge corporate events and in this post, we are going to share our five tips for catering a Christmas party. 

  1. Know your Guests

Try to get an understanding as early as possible of who is on your guest list. Think about the number of people attending, the type of event; a sit down meal or buffet style networking event for example, and any dietary restrictions or preferences they may have. Christmas gatherings often include a diverse group of people, so it’s important to cater to a variety of tastes and dietary needs.

It’s a good idea to send out invitations with a request for dietary information. This will allow you to plan a menu that ensures all preferences are catered for. You can select a good mix of dishes and flavours that will mean everyone is excited about the food.

  1. Focus on the Festive Favourites

Christmas is often a time for indulgence and celebration, so think festive spirit when planning your food and drink. You could create a themed menu that includes some traditional dishes such as roast turkey and cranberry sauce mixed with innovate new options that put a twist on these classics such as our lovely Christmas Bowl Food menu.

Everyone has a favourite Christmas dessert; its hard to choose between trifle, yule log, Christmas pud or cakes to provide a sweet ending to the meal and these make great additions to a Christmas catering menu.

  1. Work with an Experienced Professional Caterer

Regardless of the size of your party it makes sense to work with professional caterers to take the pressure off yourself to do everything and leave it in the hands of the experts.

When choosing someone to cater your event in London, be sure to do your research and read reviews to ensure you choose a reputable company that can handle the demands of your event. At Fresh N Funky we specialise in working with our customers to create an offer that is bespoke to their needs and work hard to exceed their expectations. Why not check out our testimonials?

  1. Consider the Style of Dining you Want to Achieve

Buffet-style dining can be an excellent choice for a Christmas party, as it allows guests to serve themselves and choose the items they prefer while being able to socialise with lots of different people. This approach is especially helpful for accommodating different dietary needs and preferences. 

A more formal approach with a sit-down meal can give a more exclusive feeling to an event. The use of a table plan allows you to match teams together or to get people who don’t normally work together to interact. You can see examples of something a bit special with our silver-service three-course Christmas Dinner option which will delight your guests.

  1. Plan for the End of the Night Before it Starts

No party can last forever and it’s good to know what is happening at the end of your Christmas party. Arrange with your caterer the timings for the removal of ant leftovers and the clear down of glasses, dinnerware and decorations. You could give your guests the option to take some food home with them. If you do this, consider providing containers for them to use and agree how they will be stored. 

Speak to Fresh N Funky About your Christmas Party Needs

This year at Fresh N Funky we have put together a festive filled selection of Christmas menus. We have some wonderful options at different prices to suit your individual requirements, whether it’s for your corporate office party or a celebration with family and friends. If you are in London and having a party or event, you are covered.
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