Five Ways to Spring Clean Your Diet

With the warmer, brighter days and fresh seasonal ingredients coming onto the shelves, it’s the perfect time to spring clean your diet, and enjoy delicious and nutritious meals.

Read on for five great suggestions on how you can give your diet a spring clean of its own, and embrace more taste, energy and health with every meal.


1. Drink up
Extra hydration to your diet can work wonders, helping you feel more energised, alert and less hungry, and boosting your skin, immune system and digestion.

Small changes can make a huge difference, and are a lot easier to maintain in the long run. Instead of trying to increase your water intake dramatically, why not try swapping one of your regular drinks a day for a glass of water?

Another great way to encourage yourself to drink more is simply keeping a small bottle on hand, in your bag, at your desk, or wherever you go.

2. Spring greens
Spring is the perfect time to add more fresh greens to your diet – as they’re so much more plentiful and seasonal. Packed with fibre and lots of essential nutrients, they’re a fantastic addition.

Fresh baby spinach is incredibly versatile – and can be added to almost anything. Why not add a handful to a grilled chicken salad or pasta dish, or toss in with a crispy stir fry?

If you’re not a huge fan of greens but still want to get all the benefits, why not add them into a smoothie with fruits, avocado or nut milks? A sneaky fussy-eater-friendly way to add them in is to mix them into a chocolate based smoothie – try adding cocoa powder and banana, with a little fresh spinach blended in.

3. Clear out the old
Give your cupboards and fridge a deep spring clean, and take out anything that might derail your healthier eating efforts. While treats should definitely be embraced occasionally, try swapping out heavily processed foods with wholefood alternatives.

4. Cut back on your sugar intake
Have a sweet tooth? You don’t need to cut out sweet treats entirely – but instead, think about replacing them with naturally sweet alternatives.

Check your daily diet for any foods with added sugars, and try scaling back by swapping with foods that have natural sweetness such as fruits or nuts. Avoid replacing sugary items with artificial sweeteners though – these can often include a lot of extra preservatives and chemicals.

5. Broaden your taste horizon
While you’re at it, why not try experimenting with a broader range of tastes? While our diets tend to be very heavy on sweet and salty flavours, there is a whole range of tastes across the spectrum to excite your palette! Take your inspiration from global cuisine – why not try adding savoury dishes to breakfast, for example?

It’s easier than you think to embrace a spring-ready diet! What are your favourite ways to update your eating habits for the new season? Share your thoughts with us!