What to Consider When Deciding the Type of Catering For Your Event

Do you have an event coming up that requires food catering services in Twickenham? Finding the catering option that suits the event is important to maintain the ambience you’re looking to create and provide the most appropriate food. There are several factors that you may want to consider when planning and searching for event catering services. Below you will see some examples of what you may want to take into account to help you find the type of catering that works best for your event. 

  • Are You Hosting a Formal Event?

One of the main things to consider when looking into event catering services in Twickenham is the formality of your event. If you’re looking to host an event with a formal ambience, then a formal dining three-course meal may be better suited to your guest. Having three courses plated up and brought over to your table you offer elegance and sophistication, in keeping with the formality of the event. 

  • Would You Like a Versatile Range of Food?

If you’re interested in something a little less formal that offers plenty of variety, you may want to lean more towards a buffet, providing both finger buffet and buffet options and a broad range of dishes, giving you ample opportunity to offer various foods to your guests, and it may be a more affordable option for those with a tighter budget. But remember, just because you’re having a less formal dining experience doesn’t mean that the food has to be of poor quality; you can still have deliciously tasty buffet options to treat your guests. 

  • Which Season Are You Holding Your Event in? 

When considering event catering services in Twickenham, thinking about the season of your event could be ideal for choosing your food. For example, in the hotter months, it may be nice to treat your guests to something a little different, like a picnic or a BBQ, which encapsulates the summer mood while providing delicious food. 

On the other hand, if you’re hosting an event around Christmas time, a menu that caters towards Christmas classics like turkey, pigs in blankets and mince pies can help you give everybody that festive cheer you’re looking for. 

  • What Is the Time of Your Event?

As well as thinking about the time of year when organising your food catering services, accounting for the time of day could also be useful. Are you planning on holding your event in the morning? If so, catering designed with a breakfast theme in mind, with items like pastries, rolls, fruits and yoghurts, may be an idea to start the morning the right way. Perhaps your event is in the afternoon; if so, afternoon tea could work for your event, with classic items like sandwiches and cakes for your guests to enjoy. 

How Can Fresh N Funky Help?

Here at Fresh N Funky, we can offer a wide range of fantastic catering options whether you need catering for a corporate event, weddings, private catering or any other event. You can rely on our team to provide delicious food, whichever catering option you choose, and our service is always first-class in standard.

We can offer professional event catering services in Twickenham plus many other locations in London, which you can find out more about on our website and also contact us for a quote. If you like more information or would like to use our food catering services for your event, please call 03450 942 922 or email info@freshnfunkycatering.co.uk, and one of our team will be in touch with you to discuss your event and requirements in more detail.