Fresh, healthy and delicious: Spring dinnertime ideas

Spring is the perfect time to embrace fresh, flavour-packed ingredients into meals. As the days get a little longer and brighter, why not bright a little more brightness to dinner time? Read on for some tempting suggestions to bring fresh and healthy tastes to springtime dinners!


Egg Fried Rice with Spring Greens
Egg fried rice is an instant easy classic – upgrade it for Spring with the addition of fresh herbs and vegetables.

Look for crisp and colourful veggies – asparagus spears, sugar snap peas and spring onions all bring a touch of light crunch and flavour. Add them in to the dish just before it is almost cooked, to keep them crisp. Finish off with fresh chopped coriander for a fragrant touch.

Tray Baked Herbed Vegetables
Root vegetables can make a hearty and comforting winter dish, but they’re also a great addition to the spring menu.

To bring a lighter feel, mix up your roast root vegetables with more seasonal additions – broccoli florets, artichoke hearts or chunks of bell peppers bring a little more colour and flavour to your plate.

Top with toasted pine nuts, buffalo mozzarella, and fresh basil leaves for a little sunshine.

Warm Spring Salads
Spring might feel a little chilly, but if you’re craving lighter meals, why not try a warm salad?

Cooked grains such as bulgar wheat, quinoa or barley make a great base for a cooked salad, soaking up flavours and adding a filling and satisfying foundation.  Add bitesize cooked vegetables such as steamed broccoli or cauliflower florets, and a protein fix with cold cooked meats or grilled fish.

Finish it off with some refreshing contrast – roasted nuts or fresh lettuce leaves add a welcome crunchiness, while fresh fruits bring a lighter, sweet touch. Try adding apple slices or pomegranate seeds just before serving.

Warming Spring Curries
Spicy, colourful curries are a welcome and easy springtime dinner option, and can be packed with lots of healthy proteins and vegetables.

For a meat-free option, chickpeas can form a delicious and hearty meal – try cooking with coconut milk and colourful pieces of bell pepper for a fragrant and flavoursome dinner. Chickpeas are a fantastic source of protein and fibre, and tinned chickpeas cook quickly and easily – great when you’re Serve with coconut rice for an instant crowd pleaser.

Alternatively try spring chicken or fish in a rich and spicy curry. Bring contrast with lots of fresh vegetables – wilted baby spinach leaves, fresh peas and baby carrots work well.

What are your favourite spring time meals? What meals do you go for to mark the change of the seasons? Share your delicious suggestions with us!