Ways to Deal with Diverse Dietary Requirements

Corporate events are an important part of a company’s culture and dedication towards the well-being of its employees. From holding seasonal parties to celebrating milestones, or having a meet-and-greet with clients, nothing more determines the event’s success than the food and beverages provided at the event. 

Such corporate events invite people of all ages and from different backgrounds with each having their dietary preferences. As a result, companies shift towards seeking the services of a corporate catering company to provide them with a menu that caters to everyone without compromising on the taste in quality, especially in a bustling business hub like London, where the dietary diversity is as varied as the people themselves.

Fresh N Funky is a professional catering company in London that provides corporate catering services for a variety of company events, with a firm specialisation in delivering a diverse array of menus. We are here to walk you through why companies in London choose to put their faith in professional catering services to handle the dietary diversity for their special events.

Understanding Dietary Diversity

Like any social gathering in London, a corporate event will attract a range of guests who will have various dietary preferences or restrictions, either stemming from personal choices, cultural tradition or medical needs. Ignoring the dietary preferences of guests would be deemed as ignorance from a company point of view. Addressing such concerns, it is a great opportunity for a company to showcase their respect for inclusivity, and they choose to opt for professional corporate catering in London to help with its event menu.

Let us walk you through the diverse menu options that are provided by professional catering services;

  • Vegetarian: Excludes meat and fish but may include dairy and eggs.
  • Vegan: Avoids all animal products, including dairy, eggs, and often honey.
  • Gluten-Free: Necessary for guests with celiac disease or gluten sensitivities, this diet excludes wheat, barley, rye, and derivatives.
  • Halal: Requires that meat and poultry are prepared according to Islamic law.
  • Kosher: Adheres to Jewish dietary regulations, affecting the choice of foods and their preparation.
  • Nut-Free: Important for individuals with allergies, requiring avoidance of all types of nuts.

Taking Care of Pre-Event Formalities

Before we move to the event itself, corporate companies are advised to communicate with their guests while sending out invitations. These invitations usually consist of a section which specifies their dietary preferences, which they forward to the catering service provider. This helps the catering service understand what exactly they are working with, and customise their menu accordingly.

Labelling Your Food At The Event

Moving on to the event itself, corporate catering in London will help the guests navigate through the menus through clear labelling. Each dish area consists of detailed descriptions that note the key dietary categories it fits into, such as vegan, gluten-free, or nut-free. These labels are easy to read and positioned prominently next to the corresponding dishes. A great way to distinguish between menus is through colour codes or icons that quickly communicate this information at a glance, which can greatly enhance the guest experience by allowing them to easily navigate the menu according to their preferences.

Interactive Food Stations Are a Modern Trend

Catering service providers also add an element of engagement to the event with the addition of interactive food stations where guests can customise their food to their preferences. Stations like build-your-own salad bars or taco stands where guests can choose their ingredients cater to a wide range of dietary preferences and restrictions. Such stations allow guests to control exactly what goes on their plate, which is particularly reassuring for those with strict dietary restrictions.

Providing Adequate Staff Training to Assist Guests

To ensure that guests feel comfortable in accessing the food at the event, catering companies provide complete training to their staff to answer any questions or guidance that guests may need help with. Staff can also point out which dishes are designed for specific dietary needs, ensuring that all guests feel looked after and considered throughout the event.

Fresh N Funky; The Go-To Catering Service Provider in London

Based in the heart of London, Fresh N Funky is the go-to choice for corporate events that require a thoughtful and inclusive dining experience. With years of experience in the industry, Fresh N Funky has developed a keen expertise in managing and executing menus that accommodate a wide array of dietary requirements. We provide adequate training to our staff with the required knowledge and make them ready to assist guests with any questions or needs they might have.
For your next corporate catering in London, picking Fresh N Funky will help you create an environment where every guest feels valued and well-catered. Our expertise in handling diverse dietary requirements, combined with our event service excellence, makes us the perfect partner for any corporate occasion looking to make a positive impression.