Why Are Work Celebrations So Important?

The world of business is one that never stands still. New innovations are constantly being conceived, and the landscape is forever shifting. However, one aspect which has stood the test of time, and long may it continue, is the sharing of a drink or two with your co-workers at a work celebration. Sometimes this can be done in a local pub; however, you should not forget about the utilisation of an event catering company, such as Fresh N Funky. We are pleased to advise on why it would be unwise to underestimate the benefits of having an office get-together.

Improve relationships with co-workers

This is probably considered one of the biggest benefits of work drinks, and is incredibly important for businesses from all industries. When people have shared a conversation and a laugh in an informal environment, more connections are formed between peers. By hosting celebrations in the workplace, such as quarterly events, your team members are guaranteed to have a closer relationship – which can benefit strongly in the workplace. 

Workplace incentives

When people apply for jobs in the modern age, it is not always the salary which ends up being a deciding factor in their decision. Similarly, the loyalty of those who have been working at a company for a prolonged period of time, is no longer guaranteed. Sometimes, a deciding factor in a workplace is the type of work environment which they operate in. Team members want to enjoy an atmosphere where they can work with their professional colleagues in a friendly manner – all within a professional climate.

Improve problem-solving abilities

This is something that, we must stress, is only true if done in moderation. Studies have shown that individuals who indulge themselves once in a while, with a casual drink, are prone to develop more refined skills in the art of problem-solving. If your team is at a loss on how to figure out a solution for a persistent issue, it could be that to get the creative juices flowing, you need only share a few drinks together.

Celebrates hardwork

Sometimes, the letting off of stream as a collective is warranted. Perhaps you have finally pushed a project over the finish line. The reason itself is not particularly important. What matters is that there is an appropriate celebration to mark the occasion, and a corporate-led event is not something to be overlooked.

How can Fresh N Funky help you?

If you are looking to host a memorable birthday party for one of your employees, or desire to celebrate a special occasion with your workforce in style, you need to bring in the finest catering companies in the UK – Fresh N Funky. For many years, we have had the privilege of showcasing our talents at a variety of different events.

This means that no matter if you are in charge of the corporate Christmas party, or are hosting a private client event, you can be sure that we will deliver in style as a London catering company. If your interest has been piqued, and you would like to explore our wide-range of drink options, please feel free to take a look at our website

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